NeuroFUS Solutions

NeuroFUS™ is a revolutionary turnkey system that offers unprecedented spatial resolution and adjustable targeting for transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) neuromodulation. Developed using state-of-the-art engineering techniques, NeuroFUS enables researchers to control the depth of non-invasive transcranial brain or transdermal nerve modulation with exceptional precision. Available in standard configurations or as an enhanced NeuroFUS PRO™ package, NeuroFUS can be ordered with optional accessories such as a robotic arm or benchtop platforms, for a complete, laboratory-ready tFUS experimentation system.

NeuroFUS and NeuroFUS PRO for Pre-Clinical Neuromodulation Research

Both standard and NeuroFUS PRO systems deliver low-intensity (nonthermal) focused ultrasound. Their innovative approach to non-invasive neuromodulation is optimized for neuroscience research studies as well as medical device research and development. NeuroFUS is a complete, cost-effective laboratory-ready system that simplifies experimental setup and can be customized to specific parameters. Each unit is pre-calibrated, ensuring rapid implementation and standardized data collection. NeuroFUS integrates seamlessly with a wide range of modern neuroscience methods and technologies.20

NeuroFUS System

The standard NeuroFUS system is a complete, cost-effective laboratory-ready solution that includes:

  • Cortical Focus Transducer (CTX) or micro-Focused Transducer (uTX)
    • Delivers pulsed focused ultrasound stimuli with unprecedented resolution
  • Transducer Power Output™
    • Controls multiple transducers with continuous or pulsed power over frequencies up to 10 MHz
  • RFWattmeter™
    • Measures signals to validate power usage in experimental setups

NeuroFUS PRO System

NeuroFUS PRO™ comes with the complete, laboratory-ready NeuroFUS system plus additional safety features and enhanced user controls, including:

  • Commander Interface
    • Provides a user-friendly interface featuring pre-programmed neuromodulation waveforms for out-of-the-box usage
  • SDK Tool
    • Offers enhanced control over neuromodulation waveform parameters
    • Allows research groups to share and validate results
  • Compatible Connectors
    • Includes built-in connections for easy integration with state-of-the-art neuroscience devices
  • Safety Features
    • Protects valuable research subjects and devices with peak power limitations and automatic shutdowns
  • Personalized Training
    • Includes workshops and individual consultation with neuromodulation experts

tFUS Transducers

NeuroFUS comes standard with a variety of transducer configurations to meet specific research needs—three cortical focus transducers (CTX) and one micro-focused transducer (uTX). All available transducers can be driven by and calibrated to a single compatible Transducer Power Output™ device, included with all NeuroFUS systems.


Select from a variety of NeuroFUS transducer configurations specific to your application.


NeuroFUS can be paired with a variety of optional accessories to optimize your research setup, to enhance safety parameters, and to accommodate small or large subjects.

6-Axis Robotic Arm

Offers measurable, accurate transducer placement for large subjects. Our robotic arm is lightweight and fully maneuverable to ensure consistent transducer targeting across protocols.

Research Platforms

Available in two sizes—compact benchtop platform or integrated cart—to facilitate small- and large-subject studies.

Other Available Products

We offer a wide range of additional products that enable cost-effective state-of-the-art tFUS research with comprehensive, integrated turnkey systems that are pre-calibrated and ready for use.


PiezoCAD™, developed by Sonic Concepts, Inc., is an intuitive, industry-standard transducer modeling software package. It is used to calculate transducer response and overall system characteristics in experimental settings.

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